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Well broke guest horses for sale
Some of you know already that unfortunate circumstances have put us in the position to close our doors at Lucasia Ranch Vacations and the time has come to again become Lucasia Ranch. What an adventure it has been! Not just our guests, also our guest horses have become dear friends over the years. They played a big part in making the Lucasia Ranch Vacation experience so special to so many of our guests! We owe our four-legged friends a big thank you and hope we will find a good new home for each of our horses through this post. Please help us sharing this!

If you are interested in a special horse with lots of heart please contact us to arrange a viewing and a test ride.

AUCTION DETAILS: The Online Auction will take place on the Lucasia Ranch Facebook page and will run from today until October 26th at 6pm MST. This is to ensure you will have enough time to come out and view and ride the horse that catches your eye! Please leave your bid in the comments section underneath the horse of your choice OR if you prefer you can send an email with your bid to info@lucasiaranch.com. Any bids sent in through email can be kept confidential if you wish but will be posted with your initials ahead of the bid so you can keep track of your bids. Please include Lot# & horse name in your email.

ONLY bids left under the original horses post on the Lucasia facebook page will count – NO bids made on shared posts will be accepted.

Bids will be accepted until October 26th at 6 pm, once the auction closes we will take 24 hrs to confirm and finalize the purchasers of each lot and the purchaser will be contacted by 3 pm on October 27th. At that point, a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due to secure your purchase and you will have until October 31st 6 pm to pay the remaining monies owed and pick up your horse. Boarding arrangements can be made if needed after the 31st.

If a horse is not paid in full or other arrangements made by said above time, the horse will be offered to the next highest bidder.

* All monies must be sent by e-transfer or as certified bank drafts in Canadian funds.

We have an abundance of tack that is available as well – please contact us privately for details. Arrangements can be made, that you can also take your horse home - fully tacked - if you wish.

Lucasia Ranch is a working cattle ranch. All horses have been used to gather cattle on the forestry. They are sure footed in the hills and very trustable. Some have been roped on and at the very least won’t shy from a rope. All are comfortable being rode in the Southern Alberta wind. They know early mornings, where lunch means being tied to a tree on a side hill with a wet saddle blanket. You would be proud to add any one to your string. Their hooves have been taken care of professionally, they are all barefoot and have been used barefoot as well, some horses had their teeth done, all were dewormed regularly but have not been vaccinated.

Lot 1 - Gus
15 year old gelding, 15 hands high, started heeling, absolutely loves cattle work, is a great all-round mount. He has lots of go and lots of life and needs an experienced rider!
Lot 2 - Sid
7 year old gelding, 14'3 hands high, ex-barrel race and ex-pole bending horse, would be awesome as a good experienced youth horse. Can be ridden with a rope halter and loves arena work!
Lot 3 - Spirit
14 year old gelding, 15'3 hands high, one of our main guest horses for several years. An all-round horse with lots of heart. Spirit is awesome with beginners and experienced riders. He has always been sound!
Lot 4 - Duce
18 year old gelding, 14'3 hands high. Absolutely easy going and easy to handle. An all-round horse with lots of heart, would also be a great kid’s horse or even a beginner youth!
Lot 5 - Pepper
19 year old gelding, 15'1 hands high, one of our No 1 guest horses for years. He is a great kids and beginner horse, loves being groomed and goes everywhere with you, also loves cattle work and is very cowy! (Wire cut in the left front, never bugged him!)
Lot 6 - Dar
21 year old gelding, 15'3 hands high. One of our main guest and beginner horses for years. Has been roped off, is cowy and goes everywhere with you. Would be a good kid’s horse, has been sore for the last while, is gradually getting better, never had a problem before!
Lot 7 - Rusty
16 year old gelding, 15'2 hands high, has been roped off, ridden with a bosal. Rusty is well broke with lots of go, needs to work and is best suited for an experienced rider. Easy keeper, always been sound!
Lot 8 - Chico
20 year old gelding, 15'2 hands tall, one of our best guest and beginner horses for years, loves cattle work and has been roped off. Takes absolute care of his rider, would be a great kids horse, is not 100% sound!
Lot 9 - Ray
14 year old gelding, 14'3 hands high, well broke, very cowy and goes everywhere with you. Has been used to gather cattle in the forestry lots. Had a wire cut in his right front, healed up good.
Lot 10 - Red
18 year old gelding, 15'1 hands high; he has been one of our main trail horses since he was 3 years old. Red is quiet and easy going. He doesn’t have the best conformation and has a bump on his left carpal joint which has never bothered him! He would be a good match for a beginner youth.
Lot 11 - Sam
13 year old gelding, 15'1 hands tall. Impressive looking horse, very well broke, great trail ride horse with lots of heart but he can be cinchy! He is a ladies horse, looking for his one and only human he can bond with.
Lot 12 - Poco
9 year old gelding, 14'2 hands tall, very unique looking horse, good all round mount. Has been roped off, likes trail rides and cattle work and is an absolute easy keeper! Currently a bit off on the front end at times.
Lot 13 - Fritz
14 year old gelding, 15 hands high. A stunning Appaloosa and an absolute easy keeper. Fritz has worked out as a good trail horse. He is absolutely quiet when you are on his back but can be a bit sceptical when you are on the ground. Looking for his one and only human he can bond with and do everything for.
Lot 14 - Duke
14 year old gelding, 14'2 hands high. Was a well broke cowy horse we’ve had for years. Wire cut in the right front and has a bit of arthritis in the carpal joints. Needs a place where he can be mostly a companion horse. Should handle short rides at a walk.
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