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August, 2014 Lucasia Ranch Newsletter
Summer 2014 Lucasia Ranch Newsletter

May, 2014 Lucasia Ranch Newsletter
May 2014 Lucasia Ranch Newsletter

... photos by Denise Pezderic
* Lucasia Ranch Video courtesy of Cowboy Country Television - Click Video to Play

May, 2013 - Spring At Lucasia Ranch
Spring 2013 Lucasia Ranch Newsletter
* Download this newsletter (pdf format)

Lucasia Ranch Fall Cattle Drive
Lucasia Cattle DriveLucasia Ranch October Roundup 2012
Porcupine Hills of southwestern Alberta

Lucasia Ranch cattle drives have become so popular, our October 2013 round-up was fully booked 12 months in advance.
Lucasia Ranch Cattle Round-Up
Cattle Drive

November, 2012 - Fall At Lucasia Ranch
Fall Newsletter

August, 2012 - Summer At Lucasia Ranch
Lucasia Ranch Summer News 2012

Sept, 2011 - Late Summer At Lucasia Ranch
So much has happened this summer that we would like to share a few highlights... Once again our duck population has grown and once in awhile Momma duck forgets some stragglers.... Claudia loves how they help in the garden... they beat her to the peas, lettuce and they even like beet tops!
Sisters at Heart
We had fun doing a photo shoot with our wonderful colorful evening sky.  Our guests thought our pictures were great and did some of their own.
Lucasia Baby Ducks
Sisters At Heart - Lucasia Ranch
Judy celebrated her big 60 this year and the family presented her with a gift.  Her youngest grandsons announced, "Grandma.. Happy Birthday... you get to go in a plane and you get to jump out." 
In Judy's words: "I did not have time to get nervous because an hour later, I was in the air.  SKYDIVING!!! WOW. One more thing crossed off my bucket list!"
On Sept 10, our youngest son married his best friend. Rusty and Aaron tied the knot at the Historic Bar U Ranch.
A great setting and a great day.
Judy - Skydiving!
Aaron & Rusty Lucas - Married Sept 10/11

May, 2011 - Spring At Lucasia Ranch
Lucasia Ranch WagonThe first bit of news is the new or should I say “Old” wagon at the gate.  It is an old piece that my Dad rebuilt for us and we decided it would make a great gate ornament.  With the bright pink color ( now that is supposed to be a historic color) no one should miss our ranch.

Our family is excited to see the Mantracker episode that Flint participated in.  It aired last week and we thought it was one of the best.  The encounter with the cougar made it even more exciting.

Any of my past guests have met Claudia, who has been around  off and on for 3 years now.  She is my right hand this year and we also welcome Nicola Williamson, a native of Scotland, who will help Wayne with the horses.

Claudia usually goes home in March to visit her family.  This year I was lucky enough to go with her.  We visited her family all over Germany.  They were great at showing us their part of the country and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to see Germany.

Heidi, my lovely little Mini Aussie had her first litter of puppies  on the 30th of March while we were still in Germany.  They are so sweet , it will be hard to let them go. 

Our first guests have now come and gone, this is their 4th year here and we would like to wish Roy “good luck” with his new puppy.
Mini Australian Pups For Sale
2011 Percheron Foal

July, 2010 - A Visit From ManTracker
Mantracker CrewLucasia Ranch was fortunate to host the Mantracker crew who filmed an episode for the 2010 season. Our son Flint was tickled to be the sidekick and really enjoyed working with Terry Grant.

The first day out, the 'prey' had a little encounter with a cougar. It was exciting to hear how the crew dealt with this! And of course, we were all excited to hear who got to the finish line first... though it was no surprise to be informed that we would have to wait until the show airs - which is about 18 months from now in 2011. Mantracker crew around our dining room table swapping stories

The 'prey' included a registered nurse from Quebec and a WWE Wrestler from Ontario. We had a great visit and enjoyed all the stories!

Late June, 2010
Lawn Mowers...
Lucasia Wildlife - badger
Equine Lawn Mowers in the Lucasia Ranch Yard

Local wildlife - Badger

June, 2010
Lucasia Self-Contained Cabin Remember Henning? He and his daughter Claudia built the railing on the inside of my cabin some years ago. Well... he was back recently and he likes to build and forge.

LOOK at the new railing he built on the veranda at the back of the cabin. I bought the metal pictures and he forged all the attatchments for it. Amazing work Henning.... Thank you.

And thank you Claudia for helping him. I am the lucky one as I have Claudia for my helper this summer. She can do the work of three people and keeps me organized.
I would be lost without her.
Lucasia Ranch Spring Pond
As we move into the summer months at the ranch, the weather is warming up. These little goslings enjoy cooling off in the spring pond in the ranchyard.
Judy & Wayne's Winter Project - March, 2010
Wayne & Judy Lucas' Winter 2010 Saddle Building ProjectOur winter saddle project...

Judy did the tooling and Wayne put this saddle together.

So who is going  to use it?  That is the question??
Judy & Wayne's trip to England & Scotland - September, 2009

For three years, we have been planning a trip to the UK. On Aug 27 of this year, Wayne and I boarded the plane. We arrived in Heathrow and spent a month visiting friends and past guests. It was an amazing time and we would like to send a heartfelt Thank you to those who hosted us and showed us their amazing country.

We have picked out a few of our 600 pictures (they said take lots of pictures) to show you all a few of the places and people that made this so great.

We were greeted by Bernie and Fay Merry (past guests) who drove us to Devon where we spent a week with Jon, Fiona, Tiggy and Harry Waterer. Jon worked for us when he was 18; he celebrates 50 years in Nov. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON.

Devon - its twisty roads hedges were fascinating. Any wonder why I got car sick on those windy little roads.
Some great friends Gypsy Caravan
Judy, Jon, Tiggy, Fiona & Harry Waterer
Gypsy Caravan

Summer 2009 at Lucasia Ranch (click most images to enlarge)
Ranch Guests Duck Crossing Here Pitching In
Ranch Guests
Duck Crossing
Pitching In
2009 Lucasia Ranch Guests
... just back from a ride
With a bubbling spring creek and pond right in the ranch yard, Lucasia hosts a variety of ducks and geese
Summer guests pitching in with ranch chores and projects.

Shade Garden
Cute & Cuddly Kittens
Judy & Heidi
Shade Garden
Ranch Kittens
Judy & Heidi
2009 backyard shade garden
... very relaxing
Too cute!!!
Full of life and ready to play.
Judy with her new Miniature
Australian pup - Heidi

Boys and Colts Spring Babies Lucasia Ranch Springtime
Boys & Colts
Unsteady Legs
Spring Means Babies
Judy & Wayne Lucas' grandsons enjoy a new Percheron foal
Spring means foals at Lucasia Ranch
- this new quarter horse baby is "trying to find his legs"!
The Lucasia Ranch yard sees not only foals and calves each spring - but baby ducks and geese as well.

Late Summer, 2008 at Lucasia Ranch

Winnie the Pooh??
Winnie the Honey Bear!
Our guests were well entertained this fall when "Winnie the Pooh" showed up ever other day to test the honey pots. It was fun watching him thinking of ways to circumvent the electric fence that Adam the Bee Man erected.
Time and time again, Winnie managed to make a meal of delicious Lucasia Ranchland honey!
Needless to say, Adam the Bee Man was not impressed!
Winnie looks a little full here!!

Lucasia Ranch Guest, Bill Monovan Orthopedic Surgery on a duck??
All 'Duckt' Taped Up!
We were pleased to have Bill Monovan and group from Ontario this fall.  Bill will celebrate his 98th Birthday shortly after returning home.  And believe it or not, Bill just started riding when he was 85.  He rather gives us some incentive does he not?
We were so lucky to have Carolien here for 2 weeks this summer, she is a Doctor and a surgeon so when one of my little ducks was found with a broken leg I approached Carolien to fix it.  When I said "Carolien, can you do surgery on my duck?"  she replied in her teasing way " Sure, I can get it ready for supper!!"  We all chuckled as she was a vegetarian. 
After supper she told me to catch the duck and she would work on the leg.  When I asked what she needed for tools, she replied in her very soft manner,  "Duck Tape of course."

As you can see, the duck was repaired and 2 weeks later was walking with not trouble.

Thank you Carolien.

July, 2008 - Lucasia Ranch  
Lucasia RosebudLucasia Rosebud won first in the Aged Mare class, Champion Senior Mare and Reserve Champion Percheron Mare.
... more about Lucasia Ranch Perchersons
Lucasia SkywalkerSummer, 2008, saw Lucasia Skywalker win the Senior Champion Stallion class at the world-renowned Calgary Exhibition & Stampede.
... more about Lucasia Ranch Percherson Stallions

June, 2008 - Lucasia Ranch
After the storm
We were very fortunate to have a German helper for 3 weeks.  Bernd Uhlemann offered his services to us and surprised us all with his skills.  One evening I mentioned that my table was very crowded and 3 days later I had this 10 foot table that breaks down to 7 feet when I have fewer guests.  It works great and I love it.  Every other day I went out and found some amazing improvements around the ranch.
I keep saying that our guests are amazing, here Ginny (guest) is giving Wayne ( trail boss) a long needed haircut.  Thanks Ginny  Judy

May, 2008 - Lucasia Ranch
Chirpy Kittens!
Mini Aussies
Chirpy, an African goose that we hatched from the incubator.
Sooo cute & he thinks I am his mom
Bobbie and babies - 24  hours old
Mini Aussies (Man's Best Friend)

Percheron foal Calf Sitting
Light Horse Foal
Percheron baby - Tag the border collie is keeping guard
Baby Sitter
This baby still has not got his land legs... click to see larger view

March, 2008 - Lucasia Ranch
Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale Red Merle Australian Shepherd Pups for sale
Australian Shepherd Puppies
Red Merles & Solid Reds
Excellent Pets/Ranch Dogs

Past Ranch News

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