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Cowboy wisdom

A Rancher's Goals

The goals of ranchers today is the same as yesteryear:  produce the best beef we possibly can, raise the best horses that a cowboy would wish to have, operate in harmony with the wildlife and be conscientious stewards of the land.
The Old West... Lucasia Ranch History

We step up into our saddles and look around.
And we realize that this isn't like the old west;
this is the old west.

A bright blue sky, unbroken by cloud,
a Golden Eagle circling lazily overhead.

To the west, the green Alberta Foothills
framed by the rugged Rockies behind them.

We head out on good horses, cattle horses,
that are as much at home here as the rugged hills
and rock outcroppings around us.

And as we ride, we're part of history,
old west history.

This is the land of ranches, cattle and cowboys.

They write songs and poems about places and days like this.

There's the one that says,
"Let me ride over wide open country that I love."

I never quite understood that song... until now.
The Lucas Boys

Rusty, Wayne & Boots

The Circle L Ranch

One of the first ranches in the district was established in the Porcupine Hills Northwest of Fort Macleod in July, 1881, by Captain Charles Augustus Lyndon and his wife Margaret. The Lyndons came from Salt Lake City and when they landed at the Post at Fort Macleod the Captain and an Indian named Doodney toured the Porcupine Hills. Doodney took a fancy to the Captains pinto horse, so they reached an agreement... if the Indian could show the Captain some land with plenty of good grass, shelter and water he could have the pony.

After several days they arrived at the present Ranch site. This had been used as an Indian camping ground for many moons. The Lyndons purchased a few head of cattle and the Circle L cattle brand was granted to the Captain. It was considered one of the first brands given to a homesteader in the Northwest territory. Ranch life was filled with challenges. Going to market was not an easy task. This was a once-a-year trip took about a month with a wagon and 4 horse team. Ft. Benton, Montana was the shopping centre. During the Riel Rebellion, Louis Riel tried to induce American Indians to come north. William Lyndon was assigned a look-out point on a hill west of Claresholm, near the ranch.

In 1896 a house and barn was built near the spring site. The big barn that still stands was built in 1919. The Lyndons were assigned the post office in 1895. The Captain purchased a phonograph in 1899 and the neighbours often picked up their mail and stayed to listen. The Lyndon family continued to run the post office until 1945 when it was moved to Claresholm. The Captain's son William married and had 2 sons and a daughter. His wife died in childbirth when their daughter was born. Because of flooding, her body was buried at the ranch and later moved to Fort Macleod. William died n 1938, and his son Charles was killed at Hong Kong in 1941.

William's second wife Clara continued to run the ranch until 1944. She then moved to Calgary and the ranch was run by Alec Patterson. The Lyndon family continued to own the ranch but the Pattersons managed it until 1966. In 1966 the ranch was sold to Bob Lindsey, ending 85 years of ownership by the Lyndon family.

In 1974 the ranch was sold again, this time to the Lucas family but the original circle L brand did not go with the transaction. Many changes have been made, but several of the old log buildings are still in use and the spring has never gone dry

A Ranchers Goals 

The goals of ranchers today is the same as yesteryear:  produce the best beef we possibly can,  raise the best horses that a cowboy would wish to have,   operate in harmony with the wildlife, and be conscientious stewards of the land.

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